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This Is the challenge in the Low and Negative Moments

Do your “Best” means; use your Highest Energies, Best Words and Actions in Every moment to ALL Beings in Life.


See if You can do this when your “Buttons” get pushed, it is a Choice even in those moments.


Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Change

Some will treat a stranger Far Better than those close to them. What is Given to the Stranger IS what must be Given to those close to You.


This is the Lesson for those involved to See and Change.


Take a Look at your Reasons

I am who I am, but am I who I should be? If I am not, then what reasons have I attached myself to that stops me?


Reasons Keep You on the same step and/ or in the past, which means You are Not Evolving or Moving-on to the next Step in Life. Don’t get Stuck, Move On.