What is a trigger? It is a person, place, word, event, trauma, or object that you tell your mind to remember this moment, you will also attach a feeling with it. So what’s the point of the trigger? Your light is saying it’s time to let go of this, so it will send someone in to pull the trigger to show you how you react and if you are still carrying that moment. Your light sees this as an opportunity to not react and let go. So at that moment you have a choice, did I react the same or did I let go?


Why does it keep coming around? It’s a test to see if you really let go or if you are continuing to carry it and make it bigger. You will be tested until you have mastered it. How do I know if I have mastered it? When you have no reaction and it doesn’t pull you back into that moment anymore. Then your light knows you are free. This will happen in every aspect of your life; work, family, relationships, beliefs, so being aware and knowing the point of the triggers is the key to change.



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